Monday, December 5, 2016

Sign Up-- Read All The Books Challenge

This is an ongoing challenge all about diving into one particular--prolific-- authors backlist of 45+ books and... reading all the books.

Author must have 45 pieces of work and you must read all of them.
There is NO time limit on this challenge. It's open ended.
And meant to be a challenge. lol
Take 6 months, take 3 years...go whatever pace you need.

All books by the author you choose.
Any format counts, if you've already read the book it counts (no re-read required), any length counts.

Just two! Once you sign up do a post on your blog and link that up on this page.
At the end of the year we'll do a wrap up post with how we've done.

*if you joined in in 2016 your link should be on the linky already. If you'd like to update the link just let me know!

Please link your blog post up below!
If you aren't a blogger please create a dedicated Goodreads shelf and link that!

You can also add the button to your blog!
Read All the Books

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