Friday, December 2, 2016

SIGN UP-- 2017 Pick Your Genre Challenge

Welcome to the 2017 Pick Your Genre Challenge
This challenge is about diving into specific genres/sub genres you love or just want to check out in 2017

You get to pick your genre. For example...
Sue might pick contemporary romance, Joan might pick urban fantasy, etc

The book just needs to fit your chosen genre.
Any book over 80 pages
Any format is fine.
Re-reads count!

You pick the number of books above that you'd like to read. 12 book minimum.

In your sign up post indicate how many books you'll be attempting. You can always move that total up as the year goes!

You can pick multiple genres as long as you read 12 for each.

Ex-- If I pick Contemporary and Erotic I'll need to read 24 total books...12 for each.

There will be THREE posts for the challenge.

Sign Up Post: Link your sign up post on this page once it's live
(if you're not a blogger link a Goodreads shelf dedicated to the challenge)

Mid Year Check in: First week of June

Wrap Up Post: Last week of December

*you can incorporate your check ins with monthly recaps/weekly recaps, with other challenge updates, or their own update.

There will be an end of the year giveaway!
Winner will be picked from those who have linked up their challenges during the year.

Once you have your sign up post live (or your goodreads shelf) link that up below! Don't forget you can add the button to your blog, too!
Pick Your Genre

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