Saturday, December 3, 2016

SIGN UP-- 2017 Pervy Girl Challenge

It's time to get your kink on! The Pervy Girl reading challenge is all about finding fun kinky/pervy reads (or elements) and checking them off your list. 

Any type of read that has a kinky pervy element. It does NOT have to be an erotic romance. If you read a little bondage in a regular counts.

Re-reads count. Any format of book.

*book should be novella length or longer (80+ pages)

You pick your number of kinks to find! Minimum 12

These are just *some* examples and at all different levels of kink. You don't have to read them all. This is just to help with ideas. If you find something else add it to the comments so others can look it up!

a m/m/f menage
Dirty talking
a Pierced Cock
Self loving (masturbation)
Anal sex
Use of pervertables
a Force/rape Fantasy
a romance with a Domme
Needle/Knife Play
Breath Play
TPE--total power exchange dynamic
Shower/Water sex
Sadist/Masochist dynamic
10+ age difference
Mix-matched mates--ie Human w/ Shifter
Forced Orgasms
Courtesan/Call Girl/Etc
Phone/Cyber sex
Double Penetration (vaginal)
Finger Fuck
Face sitting
One character nude/One fully dressed
Golden Showers
Erotic massage
Sensory Deprivation, blindfolds, etc
Nipple Clamps
Non-Con/Dubious Consent
Outdoor Sex
Lactation Fetish
Sex swing/suspension
Fetish gear/clothing
Unique genitalia (ex--cock with barbs, hook, knot, etc)
A m/f/m menage
a m/m (m/m/m) or f/f (f/f/f) romance
fire play
rope play (ex shibari)
sex club/group setting
food used...somehow
a mind fuck/mind games
BDSM romance
Role Playing
Monster/Dino porn
Use of sex toys
Electrical Play
Taboo relationship (ex--teacher/student, step siblings, etc)
One night stand (it's okay if it turns into HEA)
Shifters--sex while shifted
Pony/puppy play
Anonymous sex
Oral sex
Orgasm Denial
Cock/ball torture/bondage
Wax play
Double Penetration (vag/anal/oral)
Fetish on specific item/act
Fucking machines
Friends with Benefits
Titty fuck
Master/Slave dynamic
Clit Clamps
Orgasm via breast play
Rough sex
Mile High Club
Tentacle sex
Topping from the Bottom
Erotic Hypnosis
Hair pulling
Forced chastity
Skinny Dipping
Taboo behavior/activity

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Mid Year Check in: First week of June
Wrap Up Post: Last week of December

* your check in can be an individual post, done as part of a monthly or weekly recap, done with other challenge updates, etc

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2017 Pervy Girl Challenge

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