Friday, June 15, 2018

Sign Up-- Blog Ahead (Mini) June 22nd-July 6th

Woo! Well we're finally having another mini Blog Ahead! Things got crazy with the herd so I needed to delay it a bit. Hope yall will still join in! If you're new to the event check out the info below!

Blog Ahead is all about helping you get ahead with your blog posts and hopefully eliminating some of the stress that comes with scrambling to get posts completed last minute. It's amazing for getting ready for vacations, school events and a lifesaver when emergencies or blogging slumps hit!

The Goal 
15 extra posts in your "scheduled" pile 

On day 1...Look at your number of scheduled posts. Add 15 to that. THAT is the number of scheduled posts you need to have completed when the event ends!

June 22nd: 5 scheduled posts
July 6th: 20 scheduled posts 

Join In! Add your link below!
(and feel free to share the event! the more the merrier!)
And don't forget to join the FB group

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