Wednesday, March 1, 2017

KICK OFF-- Mini Blog Ahead Challenge #1

BLOG AHEAD IS HERE!! Today's the day guys! It's time to buckle down and schedule, schedule, schedule! lol By the end of the challenge you should have a buffer of 15 additional posts scheduled and ready to go!

  • Challenge Dates: March 1-March 15
  • For Posts To Count: Scheduled Posts must be dated March 16th or later
  • Any type of post counts-- review, guest post, cooking, memes, etc.
  • Before you start! Look at your current number of scheduled posts and add 15. When that challenge ends this is how many posts you need to have scheduled. 

This is a hard challenge because while you're "getting ahead" posts will still be going live! So you have to really up your blogging to get ahead and keep ahead.

There is a Facebook Group set up for encouragement, venting, etc.
Everyone is welcome to join!

It's not too late to join in! Just create a sign up post and link it below!

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