Friday, April 1, 2016

SIGN UP-- Blog Ahead Mini (May 1-15)

Vacations, Emergencies, Blogger Burn out--they hit us all. And our first Blog Ahead challenge of the year is here to help! This May join up with dozens of other bloggers to blog ahead and up your number of scheduled blog posts.


The Goal: Increase your number of "Scheduled Posts" by 15 posts.
(ex. If you start with 0 scheduled you end with 15 scheduled. If you start with 15 scheduled you end with 30 scheduled)
The Dates: 
May 1-15
Who Can Join:
Any blogger or author with a blog! Genre/type doesn't matter.
Create a sign up post & link back to here! 
This can also be where you track your progress and add notes along the way. It's also a spot for everyone else to come by and cheer you on :) 
Grab Button
Blog Ahead

Join the FB Group
Support is always around during the challenge. Be sure to join the closed FB group to cheer on your fellow bloggers and get a little encouragement too!! 
Sign Up
Just add your blog below. You can add your sign up post link or add your direct blog link and we can update your listing once you've posted. 

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