Monday, December 5, 2016

SIGN UP-- 2017 Blogger Shame Challenge

Yes. We're hanging our heads in some blogger-girl shame. lol
The Blogger Shame challenge is a cheeky way to admit our guilt...and go about fixing it. Tackling those review books that have slipped through the cracks over the years. Any review book over 4 months past due is game!

Any review book that is 4+ months PAST DUE.

Yep. Only OLD review requests that have slipped through the cracks count.
Any format, any length.

Number of books tackled is entirely up to you!
Minimum...1 review book.

There will be three posts for the challenge.

Sign Up Post: Link Up your sign up post on this page
(let us know what you'll be tackling! make a list of specific titles or just the number of books you're tackling)

Mid Year Check In: First week of June
Wrap Up Post: Last week of December

There will be one end of the year giveaway picked from those that do the link up posts and finish at least one Blogger Shame review.

Once you have your SIGN UP post live just link it below.
If you aren't a blogger but have past due requests please set up a Goodreads shelf dedicated to the challenge and link that up. 

You can also snag the challenge button to add to your site!
Blogger Shame 2016

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